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According to the "Theory of Evolution" all living species of
plants and animals evolved in a slow process through random
mutations and natural selection over the course of billions of
years. A primitive fish developed functional limbs, then walked out
on to the land, where it “evolved” a complete skeleton, lungs,
and newly-modified olfactory, auditory and sensory systems.

But how, exactly, did these changes take place? What are the
mechanisms and required steps? How did the bones form?  Or the
muscles?  Or the nerves, or the auditory and olfactory systems?

In  THE HOAX CALLED EVOLUTION  we show you in clear,
easy to understand language the step-by-step processes that would have been necessary to accomplish all these things, and demonstrate
by the very rules and definitions of the “theory” itself, that the
"Theory of Evolution" fails at every level of development.







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